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CORE Educational Cooperative

The CORE Educational Cooperative is a multi-service agency consisting of thirteen school districts.  It was established to assist the districts in providing specialized services identified as needed by the member schools.

Currently, CORE provides speech/language therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, educational evaluation and school psychology services to its member districts.  

It is the primary function of the CORE Educational Cooperative to assist member schools in providing a least restrictive educational environment for children with special needs from birth through 21 as well as working with the schools to help serve the needs of all children grades K-12.

To ensure the students within our districts are provided an adequate education, it is the Cooperative’s philosophy to provide any new services that the majority of schools deems appropriate and which is in the best interest of the cooperative schools.   The goal of the CORE Educational Cooperative will be to provide assistance to neighboring schools when the personnel and resources are available.

It is also the Cooperative’s philosophy to cooperate and coordinate services with other agencies so as to maximize benefits to children and families.

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